Thank you friends

200+ people attend our Chistmas party!.

This past weekeend at the christmas party we were touched to have such an amazing turnout of the people that make our barn so special! Thank you to everyone for suprising Jackie & Aj with the thoughtfull gift you all put together!

Also a big thank you to our barn manager Kayla,  Ashley and Christine for all your hard work to keep the barn the magical place it is!


Happy Holidays!

Rajah, Mercedes, Maverick, Hugo, Malibu, Secret, Fawx, Legal, Paco, Ediko, Mouse, Pumpkin, Chanel, Mickey, Dior, Thyme, Prada, Nemo, Copper, Nala, Zazu, Dutches, Flora, Gus, Buster, Bruno, Bella, Thumper, Cadbury, Polo, Fendi  and all the rest of our amazing animal friends at the barn!


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